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Security for your site

Construction sites are an alluring objective for vandalism, scrap traders and pioneering thieves. It is regular for a great deal of building destinations to endure some harm at different phases of a venture, frequently more than once. Sometimes, insurance companies will not guarantee building sites with no proof of the security efforts set up.

iGuard Security offers a top notch building site security administration to contractual workers the nation over. Our building site security guarding operation is unmatched and fuses standard border watches, episode detailing, crisis methodology and significantly more.

Our profoundly experienced security officers are for the most part SIA licensed and legitimate undoubtedly, from their appearance to their mien. Every one of our wrongdoing counteractive action pros will embrace site explicit studies, and will liaise with the site supervisory crew preceding task initiation. iGuard Security comprehends that collective chipping away at site is the best technique to guarantee the wellbeing of laborers and hardware. All patrol routes, site dangers, edge limits and some other potential 'problem areas' are distinguished through the overview; activities are proposed, settled upon, and executed.

On Arrival

  • Site Security official's will sign in and report legitimately to the site supervisory crew
  • Any unique prerequisites are talked about: for instance, the holding of keys or any out of hours access by individuals from staff or conveyances must be imparted
  • A patrol around the site is directed close by the site administrator to decide any adjustments in materials, edge limit or vehicle situating
  • A handover signature is taken from the site management to affirm the handover of the site to the security group


  • Customary site watches are directed at indicated interims
  • The officer will patrol the entire site where available; checking windows, entryways, doors and inside/outside limits.
  • Development plant hardware is checked and recorded
  • Any harm, unbound windows or entryways are logged and reported
  • All vehicles on location at the start of the shift will be logged and any development during the shift will likewise be accounted for

On Leaving

  • All walls/fences, entryways, doors and windows are assessed
  • Site keys are given over to the site supervisory crew
  • Security Officer will guarantee the welfare offices are left spotless and clean
  • A last handover signature is taken from the site supervisory crew, affirming the site has been given back finished


  • Strong Background in the Security Industry
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • BSi Contractor Approved
  • Tailored Service to Suit Your Needs
  • Unrivaled levels of Customer Service
  • Fully Trained Experienced Staff


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