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Close Protection Services

At iGuard Security, our specialist close protection team provide personal security services for VIPs, diplomats and government officials even in the most complex and risky environments.

Close security services, or personal security services, require a very unique skill set to ensure you remain safe in any environment. iGuard Security’s specialist close protection team have years of experience behind them and regularly participate in training exercises to keep them at the forefront of the best personal protection techniques.

Close protection services that respond to your situation

Diplomatic, calm and cool under pressure, our personal security team provide executive and VIP protection to clients from all over the world. Throughout our contract with you, we’ll keep a discreet and low-key presence, protecting you from physical attacks and becoming a hostage target. Experienced in high-risk and tense environments, our close protection unit will keep you safe.

We work with you to customise your close protection plan, taking into account the national and local threat state, security profile and the environment in which you’ll be during your need of our services.

If you’re going to be entering a potentially hostile environment, ensure you have the protection you need by calling iGuard Security on 020 7123 4568 to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively, contact us online and we’ll reply as soon as possible.


  • Strong Background in the Security Industry
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • BSi Contractor Approved
  • Tailored Service to Suit Your Needs
  • Unrivaled levels of Customer Service
  • Fully Trained Experienced Staff


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